When Facebook first created its separate Messenger app people were confused but also annoyed: they didn't want to have to install and use a second app to access functionality that was previously available inside the main Facebook app.
But Facebook Messenger is a decent messaging app in its own right (see our best Messenger tips and tricks), and if you're not one of the millions of WhatsApp users it's very likely you're relying on Facebook Messenger instead.
That's great if you have a Facebook account, but what if you don't? The good news is you don't have to use Facebook in order to use Messenger.

How to use Messenger without Facebook

  1. Download and install Facebook's free Messenger app from your App Store
  2. Launch the app
  3. Select 'I don't have a Facebook account' and click Continue
  4. Click Continue again when prompted that Messenger needs to send you an SMS verification code
  5. Enter your phone number and press Continue
  6. If your phone doesn't automatically pick up the code in the text message enter it manually